Who we are?

Safar Mazi is a multicultural music band based in Italy playing Mediterranean and Oriental folk: Italian, Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Persian …

Safar in Farsi, the Iranian language, and in Arabic means journey and Mazi means together in Greek. Safar Mazì is a music project from Mediterranean Sea to Middle East, a kaleidoscope of sound and cultures mixed together: a moroccan percussionist and its warm sound, an iranian musician with its special and beautiful persian instruments, a northern italian accordeonist with sicilian hairs, a venetian origin of southern Italy to wind instruments…

In 2015 the band produced the Cd “Safar”  and in 2018 the second Cd “Safar”, a project between Italy and Greece,
recorded together with our friends and special guests Kaixides Trio from Athens: 
Apostolis Kounis oud, guitar, voice; Kostas Mbartsokas accordeon, voice; Hristos Petevis violin.

Safar Mazì is:

FUAD AHMADVAND (Iran) santur, daf

PAOLO FORTE (Italy) accordeon

MOHAMMED NEFFAA (Morocco) darabbuka, riq, daf, voice

RENATO TAPINO (Italy) clarinet, ethnic winds, guitar, voice

and sometimes with our special friends:


PANAGIOTIS PATERITSAS (Greece) bouzuki & greek folk dances teacher