Who we are?

Safar Mazi is a multicultural music band based in Italy playing Mediterranean and Oriental folk: Italian, Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Persian …

Safar in Farsi, the Iranian language, and in Arabic means journey and Mazi means together in Greek. Safar Mazì is a music project from Mediterranean Sea to Middle East, a kaleidoscope of sound and cultures mixed together: a moroccan percussionist and its warm sound, an iranian musician with its special and beautiful persian instruments, a northern italian accordeonist with sicilian hairs, a venetian origin of southern Italy to wind instruments…

In 2015 the band produced the cd “Safar” and is currently recording a second cd that will be ready in spring 2018.

Safar Mazì is:

FUAD AHMADVAND (Iran) santur, daf

PAOLO FORTE (Italy) accordeon

MOHAMMED NEFFAA (Morocco) darabbuka, riq, daf, voice

RENATO TAPINO (Italy) clarinet, ethnic winds, guitar, voice

and sometimes with our special friends an guests:


PANAGIOTIS PATERITSAS (Greece) bouzuki & greek folk dances teacher